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    South Dakota (SD) - Real Estate Resources

    South Dakota Association of REALTORS®
    204 North Euclid Ave
    Pierre, SD 57501
    (605) 224-0554 - (800) 227-5877 - Fax (605)224-8975

    South Dakota Real Estate Commission
    221 W. Capitol Ste 101
    Pierre, SD 57501
    (605) 773-3600 - Fax (605) 773-4356






    South Dakota

    South Dakota entered the union in 1889.  It was the 40th state to do so.  Today the capital is Pierre.

    It’s nickname is the Mount Rushmore State for obvious reasons as the four presidents carved into Mt. Rushmore are here.

    South Dakota is bordered by Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska,  Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota.  The largest cities are Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown and Brookings.

    South Dakota’s agriculture includes corn, wheat, cattle, hogs and milk.  The industries include food processing, tourism and wood and lumber products.

    Some of South Dakota’s symbols are:
                Flower is the American pasqueflower
                Tree is the black hills spruce
                Bird is the ring-necked pheasant
                Insect is the honeybee
                Animal is the coyote
                Fish is the walleye
                Mineral stone is the rose quartz
    Gemstone is the fairburn agate


    Didja know....?

    • Belle Fourche has been designated as the geological center of the United States.
    • Amazingly rich fossil beds have been found in the Badlands.
    • River travel was often the main mode of travel for explorers of the west.  When Lewis and Clark were mapping the Louisiana Purchase territory, they named many rivers, mountains and areas some of which are in South Dakota.
    • Yankton was the original territory capital.
    • The most decorated battleship in World War II was the U.S.S. South Dakota
    • The highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains is Harney Peak which stands at

    7242 feel above sea level.

    Don’t miss.........

    • Custer State Park with it’s herd of bison.  There are over 1500 in the herd.
    • Wind Cave has over 80 miles of mapped trails.
    • Jewel Cave has over 120 miles of passages.  It is known for the calcite crystals that glitter like diamonds when light touches them.
    • Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills is the state’s number one tourist destination.  The monument was created by sculptor Gutzon Borglum in 1927.  It was completed in 1941.
    • Not far from Mt Rushmore is the Crazy Horse carving which is a work in progress.
    • The Badlands are filled with thousands of weathered buttes that have been shaped into odds formations.
    • Deadwood is to South Dakota what Tombstone is to Arizona.  Lots of history and many names we all know float through the streets of these towns that have been kept alive.  Among the many scenes in the wax museum is the one depicting the moment when Jack McCall snuck up behind Wild Bill Hickok and shot him in the head. (Jack was later hung for his misdeed).
    • Murdo is a town that grew when more than 30 old homes from around the state were relocated along with hundreds of items from “the good old days”.   There is a diner as well as gas station and campsite.  This was where much of the movie Dances With Wolves was filmed.
    • In the town of Mitchell is the site of the Corn Palace Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  This unique place is equipped with an arena for sports and places for conventions.  Outside there are murals depicting life in South Dakota.  On closer inspection, the visitor will be amazed to see that these murals are made entirely of thousands of bushels of corn, grasses, grains, wild oats, rye, wheat and straw.  More amazing is the fact that every year these murals are taken down and new one chosen and made up for the next year.  Truly works of art.
    • Located on the grounds of the capital in Pierre is a fountain built over an artesian well that is so high in natural gas it can be lit.  This fire and water fountain burns and flows day and night in memory of South Dakota’s military personnel.


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